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iGOcloud™: The advantages of a solution for the future

With iGOcloud™ cloud computing, your IT management is simplified.

Focus on those fields of expertise where you excel, and guarantee yourself a true competitive advantage.

iGOcloud Suite™ adjusts to your company's needs in real time and offers unequalled flexibility. No investment or financing required for years to come. Savings, efficiency, versatility—a trio you will come to rely on.

iGOcloud™: The advantages of a solution for the future

Maximize Your Investment

The iGOcloud™ solution is a sensible choice to improve your financial returns. The reason is simple: cloud computing allows you to make substantial savings to reinvest where they really matter. Cost cutting and productivity improvements are the natural result of these factors:

Increased return on IT investment

Perfectly adapted to the new business reality, iGOcloud Suite™  allows for significant management and infrastructure cost cutting. The budgets freed up as a result may be reallocated to key sectors that will increase your company's efficiency and profitability:

  1. Software solution improvement
  2. Business process automation (Many case studies are available.)

Improved productivity

iGOcloud Suite™ offers many essential advantages to help you reach unexpected productivity benefits:

  • System performance, uniformity and ease of use;
  • Efficient technology integration;
  • Computerization of business processes;
  • Instant access to applications and data.


Repeatedly planning and purchasing new equipment require a great deal of time and money. With iGOcloud™, for a tax-deductible monthly fee, you will enjoy privileged access to an infrastructure that has already been financed and capitalized. Thus you save on the major costs involved in the steps of acquisition, financing and projected reinvestment, not to mention lending costs.

Extended life for PCs

Forget your reflexes of the past; you no longer need to have PCs with the latest technology. iGOcloud Suite™ uses  Citrix®, a world-renown technology that allows virtual, secure use of cloud-hosted software  at each individual PC station. The only requirements are light program installation and minimal configuration. Extraordinary performance on ordinary computers!

The reliability of a multi-disciplinary IT team

Enjoy the benefit of high-level technical support from a group of multi-disciplinary, ultra-competent specialists. Very few companies can afford the services of such an expert team available 24/7. As part of our basic service, we also ensure the management, monitoring and maintenance of your computer environment.

Business Continuity

Today, it is essential to have a strategy to ensure operational continuity in the event of failure or loss. The good old backup copy is no longer enough...

iGOcloud™ ensures business continuity through an infrastructure that includes information redundancy devices:

  • multi-site approach: equipment installed in two separate data centres, each equipped with an uninterruptible power system (UPS) and generators;
  • BGP fibre optic Internet network;
  • duplication of all equipment:  command-line switches; gateways; firewalls; resource servers (CPU, RAM); storage equipment (SAN);
  • snapshots with super-fast recovery.


iGOcloud™ gives you peace of mind about security, whether at the virtual infrastructure level or the facilities that support it.


To ensure a high level of iGOcloud™ infrastructure availability and fail-safe operational continuity, applications and services are deployed from multiple virtual private servers with the following characteristics:

  • configured and managed on very high capacity SANs using RAID configured SATA and SAS disks
  • offering many terabytes of space available at all times
  • driven by ultra-high performance servers using multiple core 32 and 64-bit processors with the necessary RAM.

Physical Security

The iGOcloud™ infrastructure is entirely duplicated on two separate physical hosting sites at the CANIX data centres in downtown Montreal known for their tremendous reliability and facility security. The multi-server and multi-site redundancy is included in all iGOvirtual® services.

Software Security and Authentication

The highest security standards are maintained to control access:

  • powerful firewalls;
  • internationally-recognized anti-x and anti-spoofing networks and software;
  • secure user authentication protected by one- or two-factor 128-bit VPN-SSL encryption (Entrust® keys);
  • each client is entirely segmented and sealed by a VLAN (virtual local area network).
  •  Many other approaches are used to secure user access:
  • access groups are configured by directory, application and service;
  • rights and privileges are defined for each user;
  • employee access to data is restricted  by an internal access security level structure (GPO);
  • strict customer employee information and change request management, using best ITIL practises.

Many other security policies and procedures have been implemented, including:

  • a contingency plan;
  • change verification;
  • employee criminal background checks;
  • confidentiality agreements.

Self-management Console

All relevant information is easily accessed from the private dashboard which can be viewed on the iGOstudio™ portal: active user view; application and directory access management; volume of space used vs. reserved, etc.


Here are some some examples of process automation used in iGOstudio™:

  • Create or disactivate users;
  • Modify user profiles (group members, access to applications, access to services);
  • Create/modify user groups;
  • Create/modify directories;
  • Create/modify application groups.


iGOcloud™ offers very high disk space and resource capacity to meet the needs of growing businesses.

Continuous Innovation

Our teams continuously research and test the best software and utilities on the market (e.g., Microsoft Exchange, the Blackberry server) before deploying them in centralized mode for the benefit of our customers. Customer comments and suggestions help us remain in step with the latest technologies.

iGOcloud™ offers security, flexibility, proximity, accessibility. You can thus devote yourself entirely to what  will advance your company. Forget about infrastructure and network problems; it's much easier to let the power of cloud computing work for you!

Total Accessibility and Mobility

With iGOvirtual®, the matter of access is settled once and for all. All you need is a high-speed Internet connection and a basic computer (Mac or PC). Each and every member of your staff will be able to connect to your virtual infrastructure anywhere in the world, anytime, using any of the popular browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, etc.) And access is just as user-friendly on mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets. You get total operational flexibility!


We've thought of everything to simplify access and use. Reproducing the desktop usually found on our computer screens, the  iGOstudio™ portal offers a familiar interface to access applications, utilities and data directories. Once you're on thewww.igovirtual.com site, all you need to do is log on by entering your user name and password. You can optionally add a second authentication factor (Entrust® key).


Since all applications are hosted on the iGOvirtual® site, all users in a company work with the same software versions and updates are done simultaneously. The computer or mobile device used thus becomes a simple terminal reproducing the image of the service or software used. This allows for usage performance that is practically identical for all users.


With iGOvirtual®, you are no longer linked to a physical computer. A simple web connection lets you access your virtual office.  Wherever you go, you have everything you need to be completely operational and productive!

Unlimited Technical Support

Our iGOhelp® technical support service is there to receive, process and resolve all requests from users, with no limits as to the length or number of calls. Whether on the phone or by email, these high-level specialists provide rigorous management of support requests for all iGOvirtual® infrastructure services.

Full Access, Anywhere, Anytime

Increase your productivity with full access to your work station, anywhere, anytime.  No matter what kind of terminal is used, you will find the same facility and security and the exact same work environment as you would in the office. iGOvirtual® is always at hand when you want it.