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With cloud computing, a company's complete IT network data, files and software are virtually hosted on a highly secure server, and are completely accessible via a simple web interface.

Here are the criteria of a true cloud computing service:


Services and software are no longer linked to a specific physical server; they are hosted in a virtual environment outside the company premises. This approach offers formidable flexibility;hosting and processing capacities may be quickly altered as needs change and grow.

Internet Access

Accessible anytime and from any computer anywhere in the world using a fully secure link where required.

On-demand capacity

Change your virtual network capacity instantly. The responsibility for managing global capacity is wholly assumed by the cloud IT service provider.  The customer's fees are set according to use and subscription package.


Two payment options available depending on the type of service requested, whether billing per capacity used or capacity reserved.

Advantages of shared resources

By sharing technical infrastructure capacity among their various customers, cloud IT services make substantial savings that reduce costs for all users.

No capital expenses

Except for certain initial costs, such as activation fees, customers only have periodic payments to make. The cloud service provider invests and finances the infrastructure implementation to satisfy the needs of all customers.

By meeting the characteristics outlined above, the iGOcloud Suite™ service allows you to outsource your company's different computer needs whether in whole or in part. Use our iGOstudio® portal to easily access a full and complete range of services, software and other options offered in our pop-up menus.

iGOcloud Suite™ simplifies day-to-day IT management by ensuring operational security and continuity. You therefore get all the advantages and benefits of cloud computing in a single solution.
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