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Frequently asked questions

Your questions are very important; we know they most certainly influence your decision-making process. You will find here the most commonly asked questions. Should have any other questions, please do not hesitate to let us know!

+Does the fact that our servers will now be located outside our offices mean that we are risking the loss of control over our data?

You will actually have more control than you do now. This fear comes from the impression you get from not seeing your servers before your eyes. Seeing or touching your servers has no impact on the control over your data.

Many incidents may affect, alter, compromise, even destroy or result in the theft of your data, but you should know that according to known statistics, 80% of these problems are caused by the employees of the company. Only 20% of these threats are external. Fifteen or twenty years ago, when the Internet was in its infancy, installing servers on company premises was a good way to protect data. Firewalls did not yet exist,  and very few people really understood computers or computer programming.

Nowadays, IT networks and infrastructures are far more often managed virtually; piracy, phishing, electronic espionage and hacking (viruses, worms, Trojan horses) only make up a small sample of what your servers have to deal with. iGOcloud™ includes the best experts in the field and best known practises to ensure the security of your data, so that our customers can enjoy full peace of mind. We will be happy to discuss all the security measures, equipment and procedures we have put in place with this single objective in mind: to be constantly in step with the latest in data security.

Having said this, let us turn the question around. Are you really sure that the data stored on your servers is fully secure and under your complete control? Are you really certain that your access protocols are truly working as they should? Is your remote access configured securely? Are you truly protected against hacking, viruses, worms, spy software and other undesirables? Would you be willing to bet your company's future on the security of your network? We are! Because it's our field of expertise and we know that your data is more secure with us than anywhere else in the world (including at your place).

+We would like to archive and be able to recover all our email from recent years. Is this possible with iGOvirtual®?

Yes, iGOvirtual® includes a growing range of backup systems that can save all your communications from the past 6 months. If you need to recover and store all your incoming and outgoing emails for a longer period, we offer an archiving service for a fee that covers up to the
past 7 years.

+Given that everything is done on the Internet, how can you guarantee the security of my data when only a user name and password are needed to access the system?

The level of security associated with the iGOcloud™ service is identical to the one used by the banks, which is 128 bit VPN-SSL. However, protecting password and user names is still up to each user. Whatever the case may be, Oriso has nonetheless preferred to install certain practises with regard to  managing passwords in order to increase computer security:

  • regular, mandatory password changes;
  • only complex passwords are accepted; the system warns you when your password is too simple or easy to hack.
  • rigorous follow-up on profile and user status change requests (most often related to access to files, directories and applications), with mandatory authorization from upper management.

It is also important to remember that if someone steals a user name and password, that person will only have access to the data and information that specific user has access to. It is up to management to decide on access permissions accorded to different users. Our job is to make sure this approach is respected.

If you think you need a higher level of security, we can increase it by installing a second authentication factor, such as Entrust® secure digital keys with eight (8) numbers every thirty seconds. When the key is inserted into a work station, a powerful identification algorithm analyzes it and compares it to its own internal number generator. If the numbers match, access is authorized; otherwise, an alert signal is registered.

+How can I feel secure about information theft?

Whether the iGOcloud™ service or a local network, digital information security depends on the reliability of the design of the infrastructure and architecture of the computer network, as well as rigorous control of requests that can modify the initial parameters of this design.

There are only two elements that can increase information theft risk: the absence or weakness of the security components that protect your data, and inadequate control of modification requests.

+If I forget to turn off my work station, will our data be lost?

No. Your virtual work session remains active on the server for 4 hours. After this period of inactivity, your connection to the iGOvirtual service will end automatically. However, open applications and data will remain active on our servers. When you log back on, you start right where you left off.

+Will I be able to download software on my account?

Unfortunately, no. Once again, it's a question of security. To ensure that your data remains secure, the user is not authorized to do anything that might compromise your information. However, if you need a certain program, and if we happen not to have it already, we will download it for you, back it up (if necessary, but at no cost to you) and install it. You'll only need a click to use it. The iGOcloud™ service includes a certain number of hours of software and utilities installation and configuration per month.

+I am uncomfortable with the idea of being entirely dependent on your company; what is your position on this subject?

Remember that you can quit at any time. You should, however, remember that in exchange for this feeling of dependency, iGOcloud™ gives you the security you are looking for. It is to be expected that when we become your IT service of choice (the best IT service you can imagine), you get the impression of being dependent on us, but every business on the planet depends on their IT service. The essential difference between your current situation and what you will get with the iGOcloud™ service is the money you will save, the time you will save, the technological advances you will make and the peace of mind you will get (knowing that your data, applications, and all of your IT is in the hands of a team of experts whose primary objective is to make sure everything is working without fail.)

+Since I've just bought all new computers, I'd get the feeling I am wasting my investment. What do you think?

You need to remember that the service life of a computer is about 5 years (if you're lucky.) With the iGOcloud™ service, you would be able to use your computers for a considerably longer time. When you log on to the iGOcloud™ service, you use your local station's CPU and RAM very little. You use our super-servers first, and therefore your computer's internal resources very little. If you have purchased new computers, we can make them work for you by allocating them to specific tasks such as, for example, graphics programs. The only question you should be asking yourself is why you would need all that. We can take care of it for you.

+What should I do with all my computers?

They will continue to be useful to you, because as long as they are serviceable, you can connect them to the iGOcloud™ service. As we mentioned earlier, the connection bypasses your local stations' CPU and RAM. All tasks will be performed on our servers. Your old computers will suddenly work faster than ever, without any "physical" modification of their internal systems.

+What should I do if my computer is stolen?

This is no longer a problem, because your data and applications will remain secure on our servers, not on your hard disk. Your virtual office is still accessible anywhere there is an Internet connection. No one can access your company data after stealing your computer.

+We work on different platforms, Windows, Apple, Linux, Unix. Is this a problem?

Absolutely not! Our technologies let you to access all these systems through our web portal.

+I've often recruited consultants to work internally and I have employees who act as consultants in different areas. Should I review this methodology?

Absolutely not. iGOcloud™ is a per-user service. If you need several accounts, you can simply activate them for the time you need them, and disactivate them later.

This solution is also perfectly suited to individuals who need to travel. You can easily access your virtual office from any computer connected to the Internet, anywhere and for as long as you want.

+I sometimes have to work out of the area, on airplanes or locations without Internet service. How can I work?

Employees on the move who are used to working with a laptop without Internet access generally have software installed on their work station, such as Microsoft Office. We can activate ActiveSync™ service to synchronize your Outlook data with iGOexchange™ (hosted Microsoft Exchange service) using the RPC protocol on HTTPS to get a local copy of your Outlook data. The ActiveSync™ service lets you synchronize all the files in a directory defined with iGOcloud™, which will be done automatically the next time you log on the Internet.

+How can I be sure this will work?

First, we give you the opportunity to try the service for free. Test drive a few applications, try out whatever you like. You can even call a few of our iGOcloud™ customers to get their opinion. If for any reason you are not satisfied with the iGOcloud™ service, we will return your network exactly as it was before.

+Do I have to pay for infrastructure support (activation, disactivation, modifications, etc.)?

No. This is a turnkey service, and all of this is included in the basic cost.

+Will we be linked to the iGOcloud™ service forever?

Only to take full advantage of it! Our service does not require any commitment on your part. You can quit anytime you want. Should you choose to do so, we will simply transfer your data, software and all of your IT onto your own network. However our customers typically opt for a 3 year contract at our current rates to stabilize their costs. Rest assured that as long as you're with us, you will always enjoy excellent value because our system is continuously being improved.

+What should I do with my equipment, whether newly acquired or not, when I migrate to iGOcloud™?

You have two options: you can keep it or sell it. You have to keep your equipment if you think you might eventually quit the iGOcloud™ service to go back to your original configuration. As for selling your equipment, you can do it yourself or let our reselling service take care of it for you.

+Why should I go to iGOcloud™ when my network and infrastructures are working just fine?

The iGOcloud™ facility management service is not only for those whose internal systems are not working. In most small and medium businesses, the budgets and resources allocated are not usually sufficient for maintaining full optimization. In other words, most companies do not use their computer systems to their full potential. Sometimes, it's a money issue, sometimes time is the issue; sometimes it's ignorance about other existing options, and sometimes it's IT negligence. With the iGOcloud™ service, all SMBs may now enjoy the same benefits as the giants in the IT field. And they can do this while saving time and money, reducing computer problems and taking full advantage of all the options (central server, top-notch email management, collaborative solutions, centralized and harmonized customer service management, etc.) These are advantages that SMBs never had until now. In the past, these added value services generally involved time and money investment in infrastructure, software purchases, maintenance and installation. With iGOcloud™, getting new software and access to new things is as easy as dragging an icon onto your desktop. There you go... it really is as easy as that! We guarantee it!

+In terms of cost, is it less expensive to manage my IT with iGOcloud™ than with the old way?

That depends entirely on you. if you are minimalistic, if you have high tolerance for computer and technical problems, if your employee productivity leaves you completely indifferent, if you don't believe in added value to services that improve communication and information management, then iGOcloud™ may not be a great benefit to you. You definitely need to think it over...

  • If you are tired of all the technical stuff that doesn't work properly;
  • If you can't spend a single day without hearing someone in your company complain that Outlook won't start or that Excel keeps freezing up;
  • If your IT manager's hairline seems to be receding by the day;
  • If you never seem to have time for employee training;
  • If you keep forgetting to back up your data;
  • If you have sensitive data, and maybe even some suspicions about your security protocols;
  • If you want to be free to develop your business without having to devote all your resources to updating your networks and infrastructures;
  • If you want to be able to do whatever, wherever;
  • If you want your company to move up;

The IT solution will definitely be the best and least costly for you.
The basic package includes unlimited IT support, access to all software and everything rigorous information management entails. It also includes high level anti-everything protection, reliable back-up and recovery systems and a number of other essential business applications, the objective being that they work for you, and not that you be the one having to work to be able to use them!

+Is iGOcloud™ as flexible as you say it is?

As flexible as an Olympic gymnast! iGOcloud™ adapts instantly and constantly to your changing business needs. You never pay for what you don't need and you always have access to what you do need. Develop your company with complete peace of mind, without worrying about technical problems. iGOcloud™ is more than a simple costume to dress up your company; it's like a second skin that always adapts, perfectly and effortlessly, to its progress.

+Our company is about to merge or acquire another company. Is that a problem?

Absolutely not! With iGOcloud™, it is really easy to integrate another company's network to yours and vice versa.

+Once I've invested and paid the bill, my equipment belongs to me. With iGOcloud™, I have to pay fees based on the number of users, but nothing belongs to me. How do you explain this?

If your company is in full expansion, the level of expenses required might put your operation into deficit. This is not the time to deplete your capital and add fixed costs to acquire, install and maintain your equipment. Furthermore computer equipment is the category that posts the highest depreciation on the market. Even if you buy the latest computer, it will already be obsolete in a year (this is Moore's Law). What's the point of owning a Pentium2 333 MHz in 2011? Obviously acquiring things that will soon lose their worth and fill up your warehouses is no great advantage to your company. With iGOcloud™, this will never happen because you don't have to buy new computers; you simply use those you already have to access ours (which are always brand-new):

  • you get the same level of service;
  • you always have a team of competent trainers at your disposal who don't take up your own human resources;
  • your work stations can run all existing software;
  • you no longer have to worry about operating system and software accounting;
  • you can have as many work stations as you like without any real depreciation;
  • you always work with the most current technology.

What do you think of it now? Would you prefer to invest in equipment that depreciates day by day, or have a company with a well-established IT department, always on the cutting edge of technology, without any headaches?

+Could your technicians access my work stations without my knowledge?

Absolutely not! Before our technicians respond to a service call, they have to get your permission. This is part of our code of ethics.

+I already have an IT manager (internal or external). Why do I need your services?

It's great that you already have an IT manager. This individual is still useful to you. However, with iGOcloud™, you will be able to use him/her proactively rather than reactively.

Here are a few questions you should be asking yourself:

  • How much money am I spending on training and how often do I have to do it?
  • Do you have someone to replace this person if he/she gets sick, takes training leave or simply cannot be reached?
  • Do you think this person truly contributes to your network's reliability? That his/her work adds value to your company? Or does s/he only put out fires?
  • Do you believe this individual will stay with your company a long time, considering the demand for IT people?

At Oriso, our staff is stable, devoted and receives continuous training on the most modern technologies. They collectively have all the skills and expertise imaginable in the IT field. Our staff knows its job very well. Let us operate and we'll make sure you can concentrate on your strengths more than ever before.

Many issues, unfortunately, still stem from the reaction "I already have an IT employee." The few companies lucky enough to have true experts in this field are the exception. How can you be sure of his/her technical prowess? Are you sure that his/her basic knowledge is really up to date? Just how available is s/he? How much time can s/he devote to optimizing your network? Is there something this person would be better off doing? Are the decisions s/he makes the best for your company? And how can you be sure? Given the rapid pace of modern technology, it's nearly impossible for a single individual to be up to date in all fields of expertise in this area without devoting at least a few hours per week to training. The ability to respond quickly also comes into play: can your IT service quickly resolve all productivity downtimes? Does your IT employee merely react to problems, rather than be proactive? These are questions that merit attention.

Please be assured that at Oriso, we do not see humans as the main cause of IT problems.  We are aware that IT personnel is always overworked, not mention hard to find. The iGOcloud™ solution does not eliminate the need for IT employees; it gives them the tools they need to work more effectively and proactively. Stop constantly trying to put out fires and let us do what we know how to do so that you can devote your IT budget to things that will profit you and improve your productivity.

+Are many of my competitors already using iGOcloud™?

Perhaps; it depends on the industry you're in. If they're not yet using it, you'll gain an advantage over them. If they are using it, there's your evidence that iGOcloud™ is suitable for your market and industry.

+How long will it take for my employees to be trained on iGOcloud™?

On average, 30 minutes. Plus if some of your employees need more time, our toll-free phone service is always available to help them. You will save time and money because you'll no longer be responsible for training, maintenance, software installation and registration, etc.

Frequently asked questions