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iGOstudio™ 2013 Launch

iGOstudio™ 2013

User Interface

The user interface of your iGOstudio™ portal was entirely revised and updated to offer you a pleasant experience of usage.

With a refined and polished design in addition to personalized options, you will have the ability to upload a photo to your profile and organize your applications in the order that has a signification to you. The applications that you don’t use frequently can be hidden to keep only the essential ones in your daily usage. Any changes that you make in your iGOstudio™ will be shown by a discrete notification at the bottom right of the screen indicating the result or the status of the operation. At anytime, you are in control of your modifications.

• Refined and polished interface
• Personalization of your identity (photo)
• Personalization of your applications
• Visual indications of different actions


Personalize the display of your applications and reconnect your session that was on hold.

It is easier to launch your applications with larger and vibrant icons. Slide the applications and put them in the order more convenient for you and hide the applications that you don’t use frequently. Your Home Page will not be overloaded unnecessarily. Disconnect your active session and reconnect it little later; all your applications already in use will reprise exactly where you left them. It’s like you never left the office! You are also able to connect your applications from mobile devices (iPhone, iPad, Android, etc.).

• Larger and visually more appealing icons
• Personalization of the display order of applications
• Disconnect and reconnect sessions
• Access to applications from mobile devices


iGOstudio™ offers you additional tools to manage your account.

Change your personal password when you want or consult the history of your connections.


• Change your personal password
• History of connections


Complete management of bookmarks.

Import your existing bookmarks from your Firefox or Internet Explorer browsers. Navigate on the Internet and with one click, add the visited page to your iGOstudio™ bookmark with the bookmarklet or simply right down the URL of a website and let iGOstudio™ search for you all relevant information such as keywords and the description of a website. Classify your bookmarks dynamically by adding personalized labels. Filter your research with the labels or search by texts all over your bookmarks. Use predefined filters like your bookmarks recently added or visited. Share your bookmarks with workgroups. All members of the group will receive a notification from you and will access the shared bookmark.

• Bookmark management improved
• Adding bookmarks easily
• Importation from your browser
• Sharing bookmarks


A Help Section for all your current activities.

Explore many articles and tutorials that will help you use the iGOvirtual® services the easiest way. Follow through images and tutorials to have a better understanding on how to configure your mobile devices or to use new functionalities of iGOstudio™. Search directly in the knowledge base section or navigate form one article to another by clicking on keywords or categories. There’s also a possibility to use the Help Online directly, followed by an automatic email to see the progress of your request.

• More help content
• Help articles with animated images as tutorials
• Free research in help articles
• Help online requests followed by an automatic email

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