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iGOexchange™ is a hosted Microsoft Exchange 2010 solution that offers various collaboration, personal productivity, mobility and security functions:


Collaboration: share calendars; contacts; directories; notes and personal distribution lists to one or more users with an option to plan group meetings and view availability in real time;
Inboxes: limit of 25 gigabytes of disk space allowed per inbox. Periodic archiving is recommended to keep your emails and access them directly in Microsoft Outlook®;
Synchronizing with Microsoft Outlook: entirely deployed on the Internet, iGOexchange™ can be synchronized with Microsoft Outlook® (2003 and later versions) installed locally on one or more work stations. A simple configuration in your software options is all it takes. Plus the iGOmobile™ application allows the synchronization of Microsoft Outlook® data with your PDA (emails, calendar, contacts, tasks, etc.)
Web access via Outlook® Web Access: Outlook® Web Access is included with all Microsoft Exchange® license activations. Outlook® Web Access is a web version of Microsoft Outlook® that does not require Citrix® technology and allows you to attach any document archived on the connected local PC;
Security: secure encrypted communication between your local Microsoft Outlook and/or your mobile phone and the Microsoft Exchange server hosted on the iGOvirtual infrastructure ;
Data back-up: data and configurations (operating system, applications, parameters, etc.) backed up with the Exchange specialized agent;
Retention: more than 31 days with a recovery option for deleted items;
Antivirus: a range of anti-x tools is used to filter incoming and outgoing emails (virus, worms, Trojan horses, etc.) with nearly 100% effectiveness;
Antispam: extremely effective antispam tool to protect all users with more than 90% effectiveness and constant updates of the most recent known definitions. Its quarantine zone is accessible to all users to validate emails identified as potential spam
RPC protocols on supported HTTPS and SMTP: iGOexchange™ constantly synchronizes data in the Outlook® program installed on your work station using the RPC protocol on HTTPS (permanent secure connection with an SSL certificate with a 128 bit encryption key, requires Windows XP SP2 or greater.) This type of secure synchronization gives you access to the Exchange service as though the server was available on your local computer network. The SMTP connection protocol may also be used.
Licenses: Microsoft Exchange® server licenses and customer access are included.

*     All PDA devices operating on Windows® Mobile, Blackberry® or iPhone® systems are compatible. The Windows Mobile® connector is included with Microsoft Exchange®. Additional fees are charged for an access license to the business version Blackberry® server.