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Designed specifically for software publishers, iGOsaas™ is a virtualization, hosting and deployment service for application in SaaS mode. Basically, if you develop and market applications, iGOsaas™ offers an efficient, high performance solution to make your apps accessible directly on the Internet.

Where in the past, your application was accessible only on individual work stations, a local network or a Linux/Unix server, it can now be used on any Internet-connected terminal using a secure web portal customized to your company's needs.

Why choose iGOsaas?

It's obviously possible to find less elaborate, less expensive solutions to make your application accessible on the Internet. But remember that deploying your application in a vast market is a complex process that requires a multi-client environment and technologies. This brings about important responsibilities as to the level of service and security that needs to be supplied based on the changes in your customers' needs.

The turnkey iGOsaas™ solution offers the highest standards of   service currently  on the market and high performance self-management tools. Plus it offers consulting services to help you implement an effective SaaS strategy.

With iGOsaas™, you get the following advantages:

  • no capital investment required;
  • top-notch hosting centre;
  • the highest security standards;
  • complete partner technical support;
  • monitoring, maintenance and back-up (24-7);
  • monthly package per user, turnkey;
  • consulting and methodology for delivery in SaaS mode: packaging; prices; marketing.
  • Customer and user self-management tools
  • Invoicing automation

Why not do it yourself?

This solution may seem attractive at first glance; but it should be remembered that implementing the infrastructure needed to deploy your application in SaaS mode requires a major initial investment and important recurring costs:

Initial Investment

  • redundant integrated initial IT infrastructure
  • technological assembly and R&D
  • reprogramming for the web
  • independent, proven delivery platform
  • effective marketing tools and materials

Recurring Costs

  • infrastructure maintenance and updating
  • experienced, multidisciplinary IT team
  • delivery barriers and hold-ups
  • adjustments required to face competition