Advanced Security Monitoring (ASM)

Advanced Security Monitoring (ASM) Solution

A New Era Begins

Until now, monitoring your corporate applications and IT infrastructure involved purchasing software, or software suites, often at huge costs. Then your IT teams must install, set up these products and learn how to use them.

You teams also need to keep up with constant updates, master new features and integrate changed in your IT landscape to ending up with solutions having little relevant information.

The big question then is: do they really have time and resources to do so? …

Fortunately, this time has come to an end: Oriso is launching two innovative monitoring solutions offered as cloud-based services that will required no additional maintenance and upkeep workload on your already strained IT teams.

These two services will make your organization make considerable savings and allow your already-busy team to work with peace of mind.


ASM – Advanced Security Monitoring

ASM is a cloud-based solution that ensures distant monitoring of the security compliance of your corporate applications and IT infrastructures.

The recent experiences of many local and international businesses demonstrate that the security risks for connected systems are quite real and can be very costly. Not to mention the negative fallout on brand image and reputation for organization victims of break in.

With the ASM service, you can rest easy: Oriso’s computing cloud is on watch 24/7 to seek out, identify and provide your teams the non-compliance information they need to intervene and fix things before anyone has time to exploit these loopholes.

Non-compliance data is provided by sensors that collect quantities of metadata that are encrypted and sent securely to technicians at Oriso’s security cloud control center qhere they are processed, analysed and feed a custom designed security dashboard built to meet the needs of your organization.

Our team is on alert for any non compliance and will engage with your operations team when required.

Benefits for your company

  • Monitoring security compliance as a service frees up your IT teams.
  • Your connected resources are always compliant with your company’s security policy.
  • Telemonitoring is performed using cutting-edge software that is rigorously kept up-to-date and performing at optimum levels.
  • You don’t have to purchase expensive, complex solutions and then maintain them.
  • Operation teams can act efficiently, should they be alerted.
  • Oriso takes care of all the rest.