Application Performance Monitoring (APM)

Application Performance Monitoring (APM) Solution

A New Era Begins

Until now, monitoring your corporate applications and IT infrastructure involved purchasing software, or software suites, often at huge costs. Then your IT teams must install, set up these products and learn how to use them.

You teams also need to keep up with constant updates, master new features and integrate changed in your IT landscape to ending up with solutions having little relevant information.

The big question then is: do they really have time and resources to do so? …

Fortunately, this time has come to an end: Oriso is launching two innovative monitoring solutions offered as cloud-based services that will required no additional maintenance and upkeep workload on your already strained IT teams.

These two services will make your organization make considerable savings and allow your already-busy team to work with peace of mind.


APM – Application performance monitoring

APM is a cloud-based service used to track the performance of your corporate applications regardless of their extent and complexity.

You may have lived this experience before: suddenly, without anyone being able to explain why, critical applications and solutions begin to slow down and become less and less efficient. Operations that used to be performed in a flash take seemingly forever to complete.

Consequence: your IT teams have to drop everything they were working on and dive into a series of tests, analyses, and checks to pinpoint the issue and get it resolved.

This process is not only costly, but it could jeopardize the workings of your entire organization.

With APM, Oriso’s technical team gets secured metadata from sensors that watch in details the operation and performance of your computing environment.

This information is then processed, manipulated, analyzed and incorporated into a specially designed dashboard that highlights any dysfunction, execution fault or misconfiguration.

In case of problem or perceivable performance issues, Oriso immediately engages with your operations team who can intervene without delay – knowing exactly the root cause of this slowdown or any other malfunction. Often, the issue gets resolved before users have time to notice anything was amiss.

Benefits for your company

  • Applications and computing solutions always perform to peak capacity.
  • You know if your telecom or cloud-computing suppliers are living up to their performance promises and SLAs.
  • You have no software to purchase, install or set up. Your IT team only has to intervene when needed with surgical precision: Oriso takes care of everything else.
  • You, as well as your team, are then free to take care of what really counts: growing your brand or your company.